This is a fact finding initiative from

The Downlands Villages Transport Group (DVTG).

With all the changes taking place around us regarding the house building the lack of infrastructure the tenuous threat of no public transport for the future

The ever increase in the  amount of cars on our narrow roads the added pollution this causes and last but not least the staggering increase in car parking charges for those who need to commute further afield on anintermittent or regular basis.

Putting aside the daily shoppers at this moment we would like to try and establish from those in our villages i.e. Upton and West Hagbourne those commuters who might consider using a shared taxi scheme. Initial investigation at the moment shows that the sharing by three users of a taxi aligns the cost from each passenger to the cost of a bus fare.


What would be helpful at this stage;

1)To know who would be interested

2)What your needs would be regarding timing

3)Your willingness to meet collectively at a chosen place. Both Upton and West Hagbourne have covered shelters.


The return journey judging by those who have used the bus, is a bit more complicated because of the unpredictably of the various requirements.

However it seems to have been resolved by the sharing of information using mobiles to coordinate a sharing of a taxi or perhaps an already arranged pick up from a partner/spouse etc.


If you feel this could work for you please return this via email   For Upton  for West Hagbourn


Thank you for your cooperation