WEST HAGBURNE PARISH COUNCIL                                                                MINUTES


Meeting held at Hagbourne Primary School                                                   11th March 2004

East Hagbourne


Present:            Phil Taylor Chair, Cllrs Sue Totterdell, Marion Judd, Keith Little and Bernard Mead

County & District Cllr Patrick Greene attended briefly

Public:  Dave Carter, Sheila Taylor, Sue Lay, Robert Beacroft, Fred & Edna Scott,

Paula Thomas.  Monica Lawson & John Townsend East Hagbourne PC.

Representation from Sustrans : Simon Pratt, Dick Chamberlain and Tim Norris.


Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and stated the next half hour was open for questions and comments


Open Forum

Representatives from Sustrans were introduced and questions invited about the proposed installation of artist designed seats and artworks on the railway path. Tim Norris, lead artist, working with students, outlined where seats and sculpture will be sited with aid of a model.

Phil Taylor – loved it but worried this could be a focal point for undesirable youth from Didcot – track already used as an escape route. Sustrans replied the track is scheduled for active checks by police.

Further questions raised –

·         Maintenance of these structures

No real problem because of structure and processing. Damage is often within first week but has not been a problem on other tracks.

·         Rubbish

Has not been a problem on other tracks – there is a band of volunteers who travel the tracks who collect and clear litter.

·         Chalk banks – friable and flaking already cracking – why not use resource of flint to contain it?

·         Skyline – a linear line – the ‘igloo’ will stand out like a carbuncle on top of the track

·         Not thought to be in keeping with the natural countryside

·         Robert Beacroft stated this track is overdone as there was a good surface before. A lot of damage has been done and we have lost the flora and fauna which took 40 years to locate – he felt sad about this.

These views were shared by others and it is hoped that this will not be repeated on other projects by Sustran.

·         Access is good but that is all that needed to be done.

·         Motorbikes – there are gates which prevent access by motorbikes




1.         Minutes of Meeting on 8th January 2004

            The minutes were passed as a true and correct record of meeting.


2.         Matters arising

            On agenda.


3.         Planning applications

Scotland Ash Day Nursery, Main St – single storey extension – planning permission granted by SODC

The Square, The Square – erection of carport – planning permission granted by SODC

2 York Road – erection of two storey rear extension and a single storey extension – PC has no strong views on this application

Limecroft, York Road – demolition of conservatory and erection of conservatory – PC has no strong views on this application.






Railway path Didcot to Upton – installation of artist designed seats and artworks

After lengthy debate the Parish Council voted 4 to 1 to refuse the proposed installation of artworks. The main objection was not to the artwork but to the shelter which could attract undesirable users on the track.


Link track from track to Moor Lane – do not want Sustran involved in this.  Gravel that was left behind by Sustran (nr railway arch) has been spread over ground under arch and top part of Moor Lane. This could be continued further down the lane.


4.         Village maintenance and footpaths

Solar lighting for bus shelter – no action has been taken – agreed to defer to July meeting.


            Pot holes – Reported to OCC Highways by phone and letter. Clerk will chase up.


5.         Didcot Forum (11th Feb)

            Bernard Mead attended and reported –

131 service West Hagbourne to Wallingford Fridays only. It had been suggested because of survey on only two occasions of ‘no pick up’ from West Hagbourne that this service was not used and in future start from East Hagbourne. BM challenged this.  The Transport representative could see no advantage in changing current arrangement. Minutes of full meeting will be forwarded to clerk for circulation.


6.         Transport and Traffic

Halcrow who are involved on the Didcot Integrated Transsport Study had said costing on traffic requirements for the village had been incorporated and put forward – however this was overturned by the Steering Committee. The Hagbournes received nothing from the budget.

Objections will be made in writing with copy to Didcot Herald.


7.         Parish Plan

Sue Totterdell reported there had been a couple of meetings with the Steering Committee but it is shaky. People are concerned it will take up too much of their time.  Is encouraging people to attend training session for PP.


Meeting next Tuesday (16th March) arranged with Malcolm Corry in East Hagbourne to discuss Parish Plan partnership.


Grant applied for from SODC towards progress and headway with Parish Plan.     .


8.         Annual Parish Meeting 22nd May

Will need Tent,  refreshments, chairs and tables.  Some form of entertainment for the children – storyteller and music.  Obtain copy from village organisations for handout.  Insurance – clerk to check this out.


9.         Village Spring Clean

            Unable to get pickers and safety sashes from SODC. Gloves purchased for helpers.


10.        Finance

Cheques raised since last meeting – Hagburne School Hire of room for mtgs £48; Tracey Anderson NL £12;  Ruth Webb allowance & stamps £256.80; OCC map £10;  Fred Scott repair of bench £97.17;  Val Brownswood photo developing £34.95;  Ruth Webb Stamps and gloves £30.73.


Clerk reported she had been asked if it was correct that the Parish Council had donated money towards the fireworks in November and to the artwork structures on the railway track. Will rectify in newsletter.





11.        Communication

            Newsletter and Parish Magazine entry will be prepared by Phil and clerk.


            Correspondence in and out circulated.


12.        Any other business

Bernard Mead said he had been given many photographs of celebrations of Silver Jubilee in East and West Hagbourne – thought these would be best used by the Village History Group.


Marion Judd – commented on the proposed shut down of Didcot Community Hospital. It was agreed she write a letter opposing this decision from the Parish Council.


Meeting closed at 10.10pm.


Date of next meeting – Annual Meeting of the Parish Council 29th April 2004.