Text Box: WEST HAGBURNE PARISH COUNCIL                                                                MINUTES


Meeting held at Hagbourne Primary School                                                  29th April 2004

East Hagbourne


Present:        Phil Taylor Chair, Cllrs Sue Totterdell, Marion Judd, Keith Little

Apologies: Bernard Mead and County & District Cllr Patrick Greene

Public:     Dave Carter, Rob Allin, Eleanor Bowey, Margaret Hedger, Tim Lightfoot


Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and stated the next half hour was open for questions and comments


Open Forum

Recycled waste

Dave Carter commented on the different items allowed for recycled waste collection between VWH and SODC. Discussion followed on provision of skips for green waste for village now that it had been discontinued by SODC.  Phil Taylor answered this had been costed – about £200 a lift and this would have to be met by the Parish. It was questioned whether SODC would make a contribution to cost.

Dave Carter said more heavy vehicles were passing through village in particular full skips on their way back to the Chilton Waste Centre. Phil Taylor replied both Grundon and Chilton Waste Collection companies had been requested to use alternative routes.  The points raised will be looked in to.


Thatch Cottage

Phil Taylor stated there had been some slight changes of wording to the amended proposal for retrospective permission for a change of use  – main change is the size and the stated square metreage - but the previous concerns raised were still the same. Discussion followed on parking of vehicles, noise and existing planning restriction. Government policy on alternative use of property in rural areas cannot be considered in this case because of its proximity to residential property, and the hazards of access and parking.  The piece of green adjacent to Thatch Cottage has not been registered as Common Land but has been ‘land in common use’ for a very long time.


Sustrans – cycle path

A revised application – specific changes – moving seats further away from dwellings. The shelter – openings in structure and will be orientated so that occupation can be easily seen. Discussion followed on safety issues. The Police report stated ‘the art work piece will not cause a fear of crime for users of the path’. Went on to add ‘the shelter some distance away from dwellings will initially be an attraction like the seats but again will fade after time’. It was agreed by the Council that if WH refuse the planning application it may be moved only a few metres into East Hagbourne or Didcot and will not prevent the shelter from being erected on the path.


1.        Minutes of Meeting on 11th March 2004

           The minutes were passed as a true and correct record of meeting.


2.        Matters arising

           On agenda.


3.        Planning applications

Railway path – installation of artist designed seats and artworks – amendments to seating and shelter.

Following discussion in Open Forum the council approved the application but previous concern for safety issues will be raised again and stated in vigorously in writing.


Thatch Cottage – Change of use from a dry area and and lean-to for dogs (formerly a domestic garage) to a Dog Parlour – retrospective.

Following discussion in Open Forum the Council agreed to refuse the application as previous objections were still valid.  The clerk to contact the enforcement officer and ask for clarification.


The Square, The Square – erection of carport – planning permission granted by SODC


2 York Road – erection of two storey rear extension and a single storey extension – planning permission granted by SODC


Limecroft, York Road – demolition of conservatory and erection of conservatory – planning permission granted by SODC


4.        Village maintenance and footpaths

           Pot holes – those reported last month to OCC Highways have been filled in.

Kerb edging along Main Street (between Lizard Bank and Horse and Harrow) still need attention – clerk will chase this, again


5.        Transport and Traffic

           Nothing to report


6.        Local Plan 2011

Developments will be kept under review. The second phase is likely to begin in November to hear objections to the Didcot West proposal – this will be held jointly with the Vale of White Horse District Council.


7.        Parish Plan

           Sue Totterdell reported progress with and in the Steering Committee.

A Parish Survey is planned for July/August and a draft of the Parish Plan in the autumn. The survey will be a face to face interview with everyone, including the children of the village –those who will not be available for face to face interview will still be given the opportunity to respond.

Initial copies of the Parish Survey will be taken and discussed for feed back at the Annual Parish Meeting. 

Sue went on to explain the Themes of the Parish Plan, Leaders and time scales of proposals.

The Horse and Harrow have agreed to consider making the pool room available to young people for one evening a week.

Marion Judd expressed thanks to Sue for her work and enthusiasm to the PP.


8.        Annual Parish Meeting 22nd May – at Broomsticks, Main Street.

The Annual Meeting will start at 2.30pm and follow on with informal meeting of the Parish Plan. The evening ‘bring and share’ supper will start at 7.30pm. Fliers will be circulated.

Marion confirmed her house insurance included public liability.  The Council agreed to have a separate planning meeting to formalise details for the APM.


9.        Finance

Cheques raised since last meeting – Bernard Mead £91.65 (pickers for Village Spring Clean); Allianz Cornhill Insurance £444.85 (annual premium); OALC £116.33 (annual sub); Ruth Webb £386.04 (May allowance, stamps and cartridge).


10.      Communication

           Newsletter will be prepared by Phil and clerk for June  Parish Mag May and June

Sue will prepare an article on Gardening and Marion will give details of proposed out-of-hours GP services and care.

Correspondence in and out circulated.


12.      Any other business


Meeting closed at 10.20pm.


Date of next meeting – Thursday July 9th