WEST HAGBOURNE PARISH COUNCIL                                                                     MINUTES


Meeting at Hagbourne Primary School                                                                  11th November 2004 East Hagbourne


Present: Phil Taylor (Chair), Marion Judd, Bernard Mead, Sue Totterdell

Apologies: Keith Little

Public Eleanor Bowey and Margaret Hedger


Chairman opened meeting at 7.30 pm.


Open Forum

Lengthy discussion followed on :-

Vehicles in Moor Lane - Bernard Mead reported there remains one small lorry licensed and taxed in personal use for Mr Chinnock. There are also two other vehicles, off the track, on private ground.  Mr Chinnock was annoyed that ‘tickets for removal’ had mistakenly been placed on taxed and MOT vehicles.


Thatch Cottage – Eleanor Bowey, in conversation with SODC Planning Officer, suggests another planning application is to be submitted. Parish Council has no knowledge of this.


Moor Lane – recent outpouring of sewage into ditch – is being looked into – has been pumped out but still fills up with debris. Thames Water has now been called in – will follow up on situation


The Council meeting opened at 8pm.


1.         Minutes of the meeting on 9th September 2004.

One correction Item 4 (h) to read ‘surfaced’ instead of ‘serviced’ – otherwise the minutes were passed as a true and correct record.


2.         Matters arising

            On agenda


3.         Planning applications


a) Plot at Ash Farm, York rd – erection of a single dwelling with garage (outline planning) - approved by Parish Council


b) 6 York rd – erection of single storey extension -  BM reported  immediate neighbours raised no objection and it is appropriate to development of property. Approved by Parish Council.


Chairman requested updates from SODC on applications still pending – Thatch Cottage and Ivy Farm – action clerk


4.         Village maintenance


a) Land adjacent to Horse and Harrow – PT reported that nothing has been taken further so far but it will be looked into soonest.                      


b) Garden area next to bus shelter  gardener (Richard Evans) has been contacted and care of this piece of ground discussed.  A total of 4 -5 hours allowed to get it tidy this autumn and continuing 2 hour sessions approximately 3 – 4 times during year..  Clerk will follow up progress.

Garden seat is ready to be re-sited at bus shelter.


c) Bus shelter – repair of roof – one quote  for £900 received from Topmark Roofing. Agreed a further two needed – action PT.   The cost will be met out of Parish Council funds.


d) Trees, shrubs and flowers

Marion Judd to study village with a view to further tree/shrub planting and will report on this at next meeting.  ST will pass on to MJ for reference, map of planned ‘tree planting’ from last Council.


e) Dog hygiene boxes and Green Waste Collection – information on these services was put into the last newsletter and resident’s views asked for.  Only two responses were received – both agreeing the village should have these services but one did not agree people should pay extra tax.  It was agreed to again ask for resident’s opinion in the next newsletter before a final decision is made by the PC.


f) Maintenance of Foxglove Lane and Church Path – written communication with Highways has been made about this but no response received. Clerk to draft another letter with BM


5.         Traffic update

Main Street - On going dialogue re traffic control along narrow stretch of Main st – contractors cannot receive instruction until public utilities information is received and they in turn require clearance from Health and Safety and so on – will take about two months to complete processing.


Didcot Road Plan – DITS, Didcot Town Council and Highway Agency share concerns that there is no valid transport strategy for Didcot and that essential transport infrastructure is not being properly planned and needs to be in place before the housing.


6.         Parish Plan

            Quotes received for printing of questionnaire that will circulated to all households before Christmas.


Applied and accepted for £1000.00 South Oxfordshire Parish Plan Grant – however costs are paid retrospectively upon satisfactory completion of the project. The Council agreed to ST’s request to underwrite Parish Plan expenses for printing.


There has been a meeting with representatives from Upton who want to compare results. Also to share ideas with neighbouring villages and explore the possibility of fostering a ‘small village’ action group.   


7.         Finance

            Budget for 2005/06 considered, discussed and a precept for £3,500.00 agreed.

            Business Premium Account balance  £4,512.24

            Community Account balance £2093.42


Cheques raised

Isis Accord 148.16, OALC 11.75, Isis Accord 148.16, Ruth Webb 378.39, Hagbourne School 84.00.

8.         Local Parishes Group (LPG)

            Nominated Tony Hughes as Chairman for the LPG


9.         Communication

PT reported John Baile and Roger Sweet will help to co-ordinate WH website – John will see to the village side and Roger the Parish Council and related issues. Passwords, account details have been forwarded.  Phil will remain involved as the creative director.


Newsletter will be circulated December


Incoming correspondence circulated.


10.        Any other business

            BM praised the completed garage at The Square.


            PT required copy of Annual Parish Minutes – action clerk


Meeting closed 9.40pm


Next meeting 13th January 2005