WEST HAGBOURNE PARISH COUNCIL                                                            MINUTES


Meeting in Hagbourne Primary School                                                           21st April 2005

East Hagbourne



Present: Phil Taylor  Chair, Marion Judd, Sue Totterdell, Keith Little


Apologies: Bernard Mead and Cllr Patrick Greene


Public: Eleanor Bowey and Margaret Hedger


Chairman opened meeting at 8.20pm


Open Forum

Margaret Hedger questioned why Didcot residents received £30 bus tokens and villages received only £20.  It was explained this discrepancy is long standing and was decided by the district council and can only be changed by them


Surface of Moor Lane – Margaret Hedger asked who is responsible for its upkeep? It was thought to be Highways department.  It is not that the lane is in a bad state but that it will deteriorate if the traffic movement continues as at present. Phil Taylor advised that before anything can be done it is necessary to record movement of traffic in lane for at least one full day.


York Road the small piece of land just below sub station (almost opposite Mary Wylie’s bungalow) needs to be tidied up and made safe. 


The Council meeting opened at 8.40pm


1.         Minutes of meeting on 10th March 2005

            The minutes were passed as a true and correct record.


2.         Matters arising – refer to agenda


3.         Planning applications

            No planning applications made since last meeting.


Thatch Cottage – The Planning Officer (John Coggins email today)  is asking  ‘what the present view point  of the Parish is as a whole in regard to the use of the garage for dog grooming’.  Will inform Mr Coggins the view of the Parish council remains the same but will put this question forward at the Annual Parish Meeting on the 21st May.


Ivy Cottage – no further development


SEERA –PC response was submitted by e mail on the 15th April 2005.  Hard Copy followed.


4.         Parish Plan

Parish Plan questionnaires have been circulated for collection early May.  Marion Judd will be evaluating the results.


5.         Bus shelter

            Roof repair complete.  All agreed a very good result.

            Grant  from SODC £881.25 received and banked. 

            Donation of £250 from History Group confirmed but not yet received.

            Informed Village Association is also making a donation.


            Acknowledgement of good workmanship was sent with payment to builder W. Cave.



6.         Village maintenance

            a) trees – Marion Judd reported a small working party will be planting on Saturday.


b) land adjacent to Horse and Harrow – Phil Taylor reported the landlord had no plans to do anything with the land and had no objections to it being cleared and cut back.  Need to talk with Rowan Napper to determine boundaries.

Discussion on how best to get this done – agreed on a budget of £750 for main clearance and disposal of rubbish.


Will notify all parties of intention – Alec Stacey Landlord of Horse and Harrow,  Victoria Monk, Legal Officer, Legal Services SODC and R A Herbert, Property Manager, Green King plc as well as asking the possibility of leasing the land.


Keith Little asked what happens in the event of a change of land lord – Phil Taylor replied at present we are only considering clearing and tidying.


Concern about the erosion of verges round the village. What to do about it?  Marion Judd said this can be checked and recorded at the same time as traffic survey on June 6th.


Reported by immediate neighbours that the road narrowing lines along Main Street are effective in slowing traffic, though this does NOT seem the case when driving.


7.         Finance

Cheques raised since last meeting

W. Cave repair of roof £1,762.00;  Allianz Cornhill Insurance £556.47; OALC £119.85; Ruth

Webb clerks allowance and stamps £371.50


8..        Annual Parish Meeting

            Will start at 4.30pm Saturday 21st May at Broomsticks

            To ask Roger Sweet if he will take minutes

            Marion Judd away but has given permission to use garden and kitchen

            Borrow marquee from Village Association

            Advertise with leaflet distribution


Reports on village associations and relevant reports will be printed for distribution at meeting.


9.         Communication

            Newsletter ready for distribution by 14th May

            Parish Magazine 20th May


            Correspondence : 

            Letter from Thames Police reference speed checks in village – to report in NL


10.        Any other business

Roger Sweet is interested in the post of parish clerk but does not want to store, in his house, all the PC’s files and records etc.

Invitation by Lays to view site and discuss their future development plans.

Councillors asked to consider the need for some form of storage.


11.        Date of next meeting 14th July  (to check school is open)








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