WEST HAGBOURNE PARISH COUNCIL                                                         ……     MINUTES


Meeting in Hagbourne Primary School                                                                     14th July 2005

East Hagbourne


Present: Phil Taylor, Bernard Mead, Sue Totterdell, Keith Little

Apologies:  Marion Judd

Public:  John Baile, Sheila Taylor (apologies from Eleanor Bowey and Margaret Hedger)

Cllr Patrick Greene arrived late and attended for part of the meeting


Open Forum


Sheila Taylor told the Council that the History Group would like to formally present the new parish map to the parish council and suggested that refreshments could be provided after.  There would also be a press release.  Provisional dates of 1st or 2nd August at 7.30(ish).  In case of photographs the bus timetable should be moved beforehand.


Sheila Taylor also told the Council that the History Group wanted more ‘grass roots’ action to help prevent the village from being swamped by the new housing at Didcot.  Reference was made to the questionnaire produced in Harwell with alternative routes for a Harwell bypass.  Phil Taylor suggested a possible new route from Park Road to A417 which would relieve both West Hagbourne (which already has a traffic problem) and Harwell.  It was suggested that the East & West Hagbourne Society could take the lead on the ‘grass roots’ action if they ‘regrouped’. 


Concern was also expressed that there is little public awareness that many of the new homes built at Didcot west are in West Hagbourne, not Didcot.  A press release could point out that another chunk of the parish has been taken for housing.


Cllr Patrick Greene later demonstrated the new SODC green waste collection bag and described the procedures for obtaining a bag and requesting its collection.  Parish councils could obtain a supply at no cost and sell them on behalf of SODC.


The Council meeting opened at 8.20pm


1.         Minutes of meeting on 21st April 2005


            The minutes were passed as a true and correct record.


2          Matters arising




3          Planning applications


            Erection of four bedroom house on land adjacent to Ash Farm – Phil Taylor withdrew from the discussion as he had a declared interest in the planning application.  The Council had no objection to the planning application and considered it “a reasonable infill development with a balanced consideration of standards required and appearance”.


            Phil Taylor had nothing to report on Thatch Cottage or Ivy Farm.  The Council still had the same concerns about Thatch Cottage as originally expressed, namely traffic, noise, conservation area and location, and generally the public opinion shown at the Annual Parish Meeting was, that the principles of the previous planning decision had been flouted.



4          Village maintenance


a)         Bus shelter garden

            £160 was approved for expenditure on self watering system.  Council grateful to Mary-Anne Butler for her input over last year.


b)         Land adjacent to Horse & Harrow

            Three quotations had been requested for clearance with no feedback, additional quotes to be sought, and the work to be done in the autumn if agreed.  Phil and Dee Smith were unable to take it on, but offered help.  (Leave on agenda)


c)         The milestone on A417

            Sue Totterdell thought renovation could be short term project to be identified in the Parish Plan.  Bernard Mead reported that another  milestone was shown on an old  map but had disappeared from the road leading from the Horse and Harrow towards Upton.  Does anyone know what happened to it?


d)         Footpath

            The footpath from the footbridge in Moor Lane had been cut by Jeff Powell.  The cost of including this path in the grass cutting contract should be investigated.


e)         Church Path

            Sustrans will consider help with the cost of maintenance and suggested a site meeting.


5          Green waste collection in village


            SODC have quoted an hourly rate for a supervised skip if provided by Grundon.  Phil Taylor will ask Chilton Waste if they can provide a similar service and compare cost.  The aim will be to start this service in September.  Approval to spend £200 (out of reserves) on one trial skip, was agreed.


6          Parish Plan


a)         Update

            Sue Totterdell reported a good response (about 85%).  Committee will hold their first meeting since return of questionnaires next Tuesday and will identify any deliverable projects.  A grant of up to  £2,000 is available from ORCC,  which in part could pay for reporting back to all households.  A social event could also be organised to find display the results and might also include views on bypass.


7          Traffic update


            See Open Forum


            Agree to consider similar consultation over bypass route from the Parish.


8          Finance


a)         Cheques raised:

            P Taylor Admin £5; Marion Judd Garden £919.96; Donations to £25 to each of the following Didcot Hospital, CB Didcot,DVC, and British Legion, P Taylor Internet Hosting £22.42; Ruth Webb Stationery £17.79; Trevor Packer Internal Audit £15;Isis Accord April grass cut £155.56; ORCC annual sub £20; Village association  Hire of Marquee £25; Marion Judd Plants for village £20;  Isis Accord May cut £155.56 P Taylor renewal of ISP £31.69


9          Communication


            How best to remind East Hagbourne that the church parish includes West Hagbourne? Examples of West Hagbourne being ‘forgotten’ include frequent references in the Parish Magazine to ‘the village’ (meaning East Hagbourne), and the Church Fete being

described as East Hagbourne fete.


            Also think about improving signage to identify footpath routes to West Hagbourne for next meeting.


10         Appointment of new Clerk and handover period


            Ruth Webb has said she will keep archive files until end of 2006.  She wants to hand over to Roger Sweet during August and to formally finish on 30th September.  Phil Taylor will help Ruth identify any paperwork that can be discarded from the day to day files.  Roger will liaise with Ruth during August and formally commence on 1st September.  During September the two clerks will work together.  It was agreed to incur two salaries for one month.


            The need to get advice on what has to be kept and for how long was recognised.  It will also be necessary to identify appropriate long-term storage solutions (e.g. scanning and digital storage)


11         Meetings


            21st July – Harwell liaison meeting.  Phil Taylor will attend and possibly Bernard Mead too.


12         Other business


            Bernard Mead raised spoil dumping outside Tyrrell Trust land.  Phil Taylor will query it with Matt Napper.


            Who does the Parish Council contact at Sustrans regarding complaints?


Date of next meeting – 8th September 2005 at 7.30pm







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