WEST HAGBOURNE PARISH COUNCIL                                                         MINUTES


Meeting in Hagbourne Primary School                                                     12th January 2006

East Hagbourne



Present: Phil Taylor, Marion Judd, Sue Totterdell, Bernard Mead, Keith Little


Public:  June Little


Cllr Patrick Greene attended for part of the meeting



Open Forum


June Little expressed concern about the proposal to remove the white line from the road through the village and requested further clarification.



The Council meeting opened at 8.15pm


1.         Minutes of meeting on 10th November 2005


            The minutes were passed as a true and correct record.


2          Matters arising




3          Planning applications


a)         Didcot West (Great Western Park)


            The Parish Council will comment in detail on the revised submission.  It was apparent that there were several matters in the submission that the Council were concerned about and a further meeting would be held to finalise the detail of the Council’s response.  An extension of the response period would be requested from the District Council.


b)         Conservatory at Fairview, York Road


            The Council considered this application should be approved as there would be no adverse effect on neighbours.


c)         Extension at Appletrees, Main Street


            Planning permission has been granted by the District Council.


4          Traffic through the village


a)         Experimental traffic proposals


As the road through the village is less than 5.5 metres wide and there is no statutory requirement for the white lines, there was concern that the County Council would refuse to reinstate them should the experiment not be a success and traffic speed not be reduced.  It was decided by a majority vote proceed, on the basis that the Council receives an assurance from the County Council that the lines would be replaced if the Parish Council requested them.


b)         Other matters




5          Village maintenance


a)         Village pond


            Sue Lay has confirmed that the invasive water weed has been sprayed and not removed as reported to the previous meeting.  If necessary this would be repeated.


b)         Village tidy-up


            A village tidy-up would be carried out in the spring.  As well as litter collection it would include sweeping pavements.  The District Council would be requested to sweep the kerbside gutters and the County Council to trim back the overgrowing grass to the footpath between York Road and the Horse and Harrow, especially close to Lizard Bank.  East Hagbourne Parish Council would be requested to co-operate with litter collection at parish boundaries, e.g. near Coscote

            Mike Butler has offered to provide yellow jackets.


6          New village notice board and map


            As this has now been delivered and paid for, Phil Taylor will email Sheila Taylor to ask about erection of the notice board.


7          Green waste collection in village


There was nothing to report.


8          Parish Plan


The Steering Group has not met since the last Newsletter was published.  They will meet again on the return of John Baile and Sheila Taylor from France.  Upton Village Hall will be hired for a meeting of the Transport and Traffic volunteer group and progress is being made by other groups. 


9          Land adjacent to the Horse and Harrow


            Chilton Construction has been appointed to clear the ground during January at a cost of £575 plus VAT which includes removal of one load to a tip.  Additional loads will cost £200 plus VAT.  The landlord of the Horse and Harrow has been informed.


10        Mobile Library Service


            One request has been received for the Mobile Library to come to the village.  This has been passed on to the County Council.  There has been no response so far.


11        Storage of archives


There was nothing to report.


12        Finance


a)         Appointment of auditor


There has been no progress.


b)         Cheques raised:


Sheila Taylor (printing for Parish Plan) £17.63, Sue Totterdell (hire of hall and stationery for Parish Plan) £98.22, Mary Ann Butler (stationery for Parish Plan) £17.24, Ruth Webb (salary and storage of data) £115.00, Roger Sweet (salary and allowances) £362.50, Isis Accord (November grass cut) £155 56.


13        Communication


a)         Correspondence


            Councillors would like to visit the Police Control Centre at Abingdon

            Information referred to in minutes of Harwell Local Stakeholder Group meeting about traffic circulation in Rowstock area in connection with Chilton Field planning application would be requested.

            Clarification would be requested about the weight watch scheme for heavy vehicles as referred to in OALC County Circular.


b)         Other





14        Other business





Date of next meeting – 9th March 2006 at 7.30pm







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