WEST HAGBOURNE PARISH COUNCIL                                                         MINUTES


Meeting in Hagbourne Primary School                                                            11th May 2006

East Hagbourne



Present: Phil Taylor, Marion Judd, Sue Totterdell, Bernard Mead, Keith Little


Cllr Patrick Greene sent his apologies




1.         Minutes of meeting on 9th March 2006


            The minutes were passed as a true and correct record.


2          Matters arising


There were no matters arising.


3          Planning applications


a)         Orchard House


            The Council’s response was submitted to SODC.  The Council has not yet been informed about the outcome.


4          Traffic through the village


a)         Experimental traffic proposals


There has been no progress on this.  The Clerk was asked to contact Peter Ronald of the County Council to arrange a meeting to decide which lines etc. should be removed.


b)         UKAEA traffic proposals


            The meeting was held with Steve Moss of UKAEA.  Phil Taylor has still to send the Council’s response.  AKAEA to be asked to consider monitoring the traffic at Rowstock while Hagbourne Hill is closed.


c)         Heavy traffic monitoring


            Copies of the monitoring forms have been given to Dave and Lynne Carter.


5          Village maintenance


a)         Village tidy-up


            This was successful and well attended.  The Council thanked everyone involved.


b)         Chris Lay has attempted to clear the mud from School Path but his machine is too large to manoeuvre.  A working party is still needed.  The County Council to be requested to cut back the edges of the path.


            The County Council has remedied the potholes in Foxglove Lane.


c)         Highways maintenance


The County Council has advised that the various items outstanding have been noted.  Work is done in order of priority.


6          Grass cutting in 2006


            The Clerk’s report circulated earlier to Councillors was noted.  The appointment of Scion Estates was confirmed in accordance with their quotation.


7          Parish Plan


The emphasis has been on progressing some of the suggestions made for the Parish Plan.  


A Garage Sale will be held on 14th May.  Fourteen garages will have sales.


Welcome pack.  Work on this is progressing.


Youth events.  Promised but not yet forthcoming.  Bowling has been suggested.


Village appearance.  A meeting of interested people will be held next week.


French Conversation Group.  Meets regularly.


A work exchange arrangement has been suggested (e.g. Ironing in exchange for gardening)


8          Land adjacent to the Horse and Harrow


            The land still has not been cleared.  Phil Taylor will keep on chasing Chilton Construction.


            There is confusion about whether this land is now part of the conservation area.  Conservation team at SODC to be asked for a definitive map of the conservation area.


9          Invitation to SODC to talk to Council and Village Association about regulations etc. concerning organising events


            SODC to be asked to attend a short meeting with councillors and Association members.


10        Storage of archives


The urgency of this was noted.  Sue Totterdell and Marion Judd offered to look at archived material and decide on which to keep.


11        Finance


a)         Reporting expenditure


The Clerk’s proposals for preparing and distributing cumulative reports of expenditure in advance of future Council meetings were agreed.


b)         Appointment of internal auditor


The appointment of Barrie Strange of Appletrees, Main Street was agreed.  It was decided to pay him £25 per annum for carrying out the audit.


c)         Cheques raised:


There had been no cheques drawn since the last meeting.


12        Communication


a)         Correspondence


            A copy of East Hagbourne Parish Council’s response to the Didcot West planning application has been received.


            Notification has now been received about the closure of Hagbourne Hill for repairs.



13        Other business


The Clerk advised the Council on the following matters regarding procedures, training, etc.


Standing Orders and Financial Regulations


The Council’s Standing Orders should be updated and Financial Regulations produced in line with the Model documents produced by NALC.  New documents will be circulated for comment and adoption by the Council at a later meeting.




The Clerk is going to join the Society of Local Council Clerks.


Clerk’s training


The Clerk would like to commence the SLCC Induction distance learning course “Working with your Council – The Knowledge”.  He will enquire whether a training bursary is currently available.  If not, he will wait until a bursary is available.


Governance and Accountability


The Audit Commission recommends local councils to have access to the book Governance and Accountability in Local Councils in England and Wales – A Practitioner’s Guide published by NALC and SLCC.



Date of next meeting – 13th July 2006 at 7.30pm






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