WEST HAGBOURNE PARISH COUNCIL                                                          MINUTES



Meeting in Hagbourne Primary School                                                             13th July 2006

East Hagbourne



Present:  Phil Taylor, Marion Judd, Sue Totterdell, Bernard Mead and Keith Little


Public Mr & Mrs Watling


Cllr Patrick Greene sent his apologies



Mrs Watling raised the health hazard caused by the increased traffic through Main Street.  The pollution levels have risen and are now noticeable even in the back garden. She is continually writing to government agencies and departments about this situation and how it is damaging the village environment.  Mrs Watling asked what else can be done.  Sue Totterdell said the Parish Plan has a ‘traffic group’  but as yet there has been no meeting but Sue will push this forward.  She went on to say it is important to have an ‘action group’ that is independent of the Parish Council.  Mr Watling concluded saying all traffic options must consider the environmental affects the village.



The meeting opened at 8pm.


1.         Minutes of meeting on 11th May 2006.


            The minutes were passed as a true and correct record.


2.         Matters arising


            There were no matters arising


3.         Planning applications


            a)         Orchard House


                        Planning permission for the work has been granted


            b)         Nursery rooms and sleepover accommodation at Little Acorns Day Nursery


The Parish Council’s response to SODC was ‘No Strong Views’.  A letter drawing attention to the sewer was sent with the response.


            c)         Repairs and alterations for barn conversion at Ivy Cottage


The Parish Council have no objections and considers the application should be granted.  This will take a near derelict building and create a useful dwelling. SODC will be informed.


4.         Traffic through village


a)         No action has been taken as yet to remove white lines. More signage needs to be removed.  (Action: Clerk).


b)         A response re UKAEA Harwell traffic proposals has been made. No acknowledgement has been received as yet .


c)         The reduced traffic flow during closure of Hagbourne Hill was noted.


d)         Heavy traffic monitoring – Sue to chase up Parish Plan’s Action Group with reference to the open discussion.


e)         A response by the Parish Council is needed on the recent high class patch and mend to Hagbourne Hill. Councillors noted the inadequacy of work done and the excessive time taken to achieve very little - poor value for money.


5.         Village maintenance


            a)         Maintenance of village garden


Richard Evans has still not submitted invoices for outstanding work last year. Nor has he submitted a quotation to continue care of garden this year.  (Action: Marion Judd)


            b)         Holes along Church Path have been marked but not yet repaired.  (Action: Clerk)


c)         Gate instead of stile at bridge over stream on footpath halfway to Upton. 


(Action: Clerk (check whether this is on the parish boundary with Upton)).


d)         Copy of definitive map of footpaths to be sent to landowners with gentle letter reminding them of their obligation to keep footpaths open.  (Action: Clerk)


6.         Parish Plan – progress report   


            Garage sale went very well.

            Welcome pack designed by Mary Ann is being tried out.

            Youth events – nothing done yet

            French conversation going well


7.         Land adjacent to Horse and Harrow


            No progress to report.


8.         Organising events


The Clerk has had a discussion with Jeanette Howse of the Didcot Railway Centre who has promised to supply prepared material. Has also obtained some information from SODC. It was agreed to pass the information on to the Village Association.


9.         South East Plan


            Council has sent in response.


10.       Parish Clerk matters


            The Council agreed to pay the joining fee and annual subscription (totalling £71.00) for the membership of SLCC.


            The Council agreed to pay for the SLCC recommended essential basic training for Clerks subject to receiving a bursary of 75% of the cost of the training which would bring the cost down to £36.25.


The Council agreed to increase the Clerk’s ISP allowance by £50 per annum starting from meeting date.



11.       Community Rights of Way Improvement Fund


            The Council decided to prepare an application for submission to the County Council should the fund be available in future years.


NB       There is insufficient time to prepare a submission for the current year.


12.       Archives


            Ruth Webb would appreciate receiving the agreed monthly fee for storage for the months Jan to June - £30


13.       Finance


a)         The revised 2005/06 accounts were accepted by the Council


b)         Audit requirements – Council agreed the Statement of Accounts and Statement of Assurance as required by the Audit Commission


c)         The expenditure of £580.48 was agreed for the renewal of the policy with Allianz Cornhill


d)         The Council agreed to make a donation of £25 to the Village Association for loan of marquee for APM


e)         The Clerk’s Report on Expenditure was accepted.


14.       Communication


a)         Dickie Allen has contacted Marion Judd to inform the Parish Council that rubbish is being thrown on to his land from adjacent residents’ property. He is concerned about the safety of his cows in the light of a previous incident.  Item for newsletter with advice to residents bordering his land.


b)         Westhagbourne.org – look into updating – seek out other interested people to help


c)         The Council agreed to the cost of hosting the village website (£19.99 + VAT) for the current year


15.       Annual Parish Meeting on 11th May


            The minutes were passed as a true and correct record.


16.       Any other business


            Memorial Trees – the History Society has kindly agreed to keep a map and register of trees planted.


Comments on Revised planning application for Great Western Park to be in by 18th July. Councillors will apply for an opportunity to speak at the planning meeting on 19th July at 6.30 at Council Offices, Crowmarsh. There is an allocated timeslot for Parish Councils to speak at this meeting. Although time is very short Sue Totterdell and Marion Judd will endeavour to prepare and present West Hagbourne Parish Council’s views at this meeting.


Phil Taylor raised the next parish council election in (anticipated in 2007) and queried whether we need to have an election – East Hagbourne do not – it is expensive considering our small precept.  Sue Totterdell said she would feel uncomfortable not being elected by the parish.  The election costs are already budgeted for.



Date of next meeting – 14th September 2006 at 7.30pm






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