WEST HAGBOURNE PARISH COUNCIL                                                          MINUTES



Meeting in Hagbourne Primary School                                                 13th September 2007

East Hagbourne



Present:  Phil Taylor, Marion Judd, Sue Totterdell, John Thornhill, Tom Barker


Cllr Patrick Greene gave his report to the Council before the meeting started.


Thomas Mynehan, Police Community Support Officer, attended before the meeting started and the main issue raised by members was speeding through the village.  A mobile speed device will be brought to the village as soon as possible and Thomas Mynehan promised a visible Police presence occasionally to deter speeding.


There were no members of the public present.  The meeting commenced at about 19.30



1.         Minutes of meeting on 12th July 2007


            The Council passed the minutes as a true and correct record.


2.         Matters arising


            There were no matters arising


3          Land opposite Horse and Harrow


There has been no response from Greene King to the offer to purchase the land.  The Clerk was asked to contact Greene King to press for a response.


Rowan Napper has cut the grass at no cost to the Council.


4          Traffic issues


Marion Judd agreed to collate all the suggestions for highways improvements that could be requested by the Council and re-circulate for discussion and decision at the next meeting.


5          Responding to planning consultations


Phil Taylor explained that the Council had had problems in making a decision on the planning application for the barn conversion at Ivy Farm.  Some members had not indicated their views when the details were circulated. 


Phil Taylor circulated a summary of his views on how planning applications had historically been responded to (until November 2006) and suggested that the procedures should be clarified. 


In November 2006 the Clerk was given delegated power to respond to planning applications if they could not be discussed at a Council meeting so long as the Council’s response reflected members’ views.  The Clerk has now suggested to Phil Taylor some amendments to clarify the procedure.  The Clerk will circulate these draft amendments to members for a decision at the next meeting.


The Clerk was requested to introduce a clearer procedure when the details are circulated for members to give their opinions on whether the Council considers the application should be approved, refused or the Council has no strong views.


6          Additional housing at Didcot


a)         Western Villages Alliance


Sue Totterdell reported that she had attended a meeting of the Western Villages Alliance.  A report of the meeting is attached to these minutes.


The Western Villages Alliance hopes to explore directly with the Highways Agency options for additional access points to the A34.  The Council decided to support this proposal in principle.


The Western Villages Alliance also wishes to increase its membership by getting more villages involved.  The Council decided to approach members of Upton Parish Council informally to discuss with them whether Upton Parish Council would be interested in sending representatives to future meetings.


b)         Didcot Community Forum


Phil Taylor suggested that the Council should in future coordinate who should attend Forum meetings


There had been a steering group meeting on 11th September.  Phil Taylor had sent his apologies.


7          Planning applications


a)         New planning application for extensions to Little Acorns Day Nursery


The Council decided it had no strong views.  The Clerk was requested to advise SODC accordingly.


b)         Planning application for a barn conversion at Ivy Farm


The Clerk reported that the Council’s decision was that the application should be approved as this was the view of the majority of members.  The Clerk had advised SODC accordingly giving the same reasons that were made in response to the previous similar application.


c)         Listed building application for repairs at Wycherts


The Clerk clarified that listed buildings consent had been granted and there had been no planning application submitted.


8          Village maintenance


a)         Work to ditch in Moor Lane


Mr Cocozza, the riparian owner, has agreed to contribute £400 towards the cost of clearing the ditch.  The Clerk has sent an invoice but has not received the money.


The Clerk has requested a formal quotation from Rowan Napper for carrying out the work but this has not yet been received..


b)         Work to Moor Lane ditch beyond Enard Cottage


Marion Judd agreed to ask the Village Improvement Group to consider initiating a project for discussion at a future Council meeting, and the subject should be publicised in the newsletter.


c)         Damaged planter by the bus shelter


Marion Judd agreed to ask Richard Evans to turn the planter to make the damage less visible.


9          Review of subsidised bus services


The Council decided to Accept ORCC’s offer to assist with a public consultation to enable the Council to respond to the County Council’s proposed review.  The Clerk was requested to ask ORCC the extent to which their model questionnaire can be modified and how it would be done.


Sue Totterdell agreed to make/propose the necessary amendments.


10        UKAEA Harwell funding


The Council decided to support the Chairman of the Harwell-Chilton Campus Local Stakeholder Group to secure a robust financial package for the clean-up programme at Harwell.  The Clerk was requested to write to the Chairman of the Group accordingly.


11        Planning training for members


The training being offered by SODC and OALC was discussed and Phil Taylor said he considered it desirable for all members to receive some training if they haven’t done so previously.


Marion Judd said she would prefer to attend the OALC training course and the Clerk was requested to make the necessary arrangements.  John Thornhill will try to attend one of the SODC courses and will let the Clerk know which date he would prefer.  Tom Barker said he would be unable to attend either of the courses because of his hours of work.


12        Grants


The Council noted that Marion Judd has circulated a list of all possible sources of funding.  Further decisions will be made at the appropriate time.


13        Finance


The Council accepted and approved the attached monthly report on expenditure.


The Council noted that no cheques had been raised since the last meeting.


The cheques on the attached schedule were duly signed.


14        Communication


Phil Taylor advised the Council of a letter received from the Cabinet Office requesting for more updated information.  Phil Taylor and Marion Judd will consider and respond.


15        Any other business


The Council decided that Phil Taylor and another member (to be decided) would attend the Town and Parish Council Forum.  The Clerk was requested to advise SODC accordingly.




The meeting ended at 21.53 pm




Date of next meeting – 8th November 2007 at 7.30pm







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