WEST HAGBOURNE PARISH COUNCIL                                                                                    MINUTES



Meeting in Hagbourne Primary School, East Hagbourne                                                10th January 2008


Present:  Phil Taylor, Marion Judd, Sue Totterdell, John Thornhill, Tom Barker, Cllr Patrick Greene (item 3 only)


Stewart Lilly of Stewart Lilly Associates addressed the Council before the meeting started about the possibility of development in the garden of Broomsticks.  Marion Judd was not present for this presentation as she has a prejudicial interest in this property.


There were no other members of the public present.  The meeting commenced at 19.50



1          Minutes of meeting on 8th November 2007


            The Council passed the minutes as a true and correct record.


2          Matters arising


The Clerk has contacted SODC about a supply of refuse sacks and is waiting for a response.


The Clerk has contacted the Countryside department to supply or replace missing footpath/bridleway waymarkers.  Phil Taylor pointed out that they are only needed on the bridges that OCC have replaced/repaired.


The Council decided to charge advertisers in West Hagbourne Newsletter £20 pa for businesses operating within the parish, and £40 pa for others, the purpose being to make the newsletter self funding.


3          District and County Councillor’s reports


·         The Government grant for next year is 2%.  Council tax is likely to rise by 4%

·         Cllr Greene has asked for an officers meeting to discuss the Transport Needs Survey

·         All likely contractors favour energy from incinerating waste.  No council decision yet.

·         New 40 mph speed limit will be introduced on Haddon Hill.  Will be reviewed after 3 years.


·         The Government grant for next year will be 1.9% and 0.5% in subsequent years.

·         The Arts Centre in Didcot will be called the Cornerstone.  Phil Taylor pointed out that he felt the money spent on an unnecessary naming could have been better used.

·         Total recycling for year ending March 08 will be 40%


The Council raised the South Oxfordshire Core Strategy and complained about insufficient time for the response which included the Christmas period.


4          Finance


The Council approved and accepted the audited Annual Report for 2006/07.


The Council accepted and approved the attached monthly report on expenditure and the report on cheques signed since the last meeting.


The cheques on the attached schedule were duly signed.


5          Public participation at Council meetings


The Council decided to adopt the procedures recommended by the OALC and revisions to clauses 2.3 and 2.22 of the Council’s Standing Orders, all as set out in the attached summary.


6          Planning applications


            There were no new planning application consultations.


            The Clerk reported that the Council’s response to the planning application for a conservatory at Rosland, Main Street was that the Council had no strong views.  This had been the unanimous view of members.  John Thornhill had declared that he had a personal interest because he lived next door.


7          Consultations


a)         New consultations

South Oxfordshire Core Strategy:

The Council decided to respond to this important consultation.  Councillors will meet informally to formulate the draft response and the Clerk was asked to request more time from SODC.  Copies of the questionnaire will be given to some members of the public who it is thought would like to respond.

            Referral of planning applications to the planning committee:

The Council decided unanimously that it did not support SODC’s proposals.

            Community Safety Strategy:

            There was no information on this to enable discussion.


b)         Earlier consultations

Your Vale – Your Future:

Sue Totterdell prepared the draft.  The Council’s response was made before the deadline

Review of subsidised bus services:

Marion Judd prepared the draft.  The Council’s response was made before the deadline

Harwell Site West Best Practicable Environmental Options:  Decision made at last meeting not to respond.


8          Traffic issues


The Council discussed the latest schedule of suggested highways improvements / outstanding highways maintenance items previously circulated.  Phil Taylor will now amend and re-circulate the schedule. 


There were no other traffic highways issues.


9          Land opposite Horse and Harrow


There has been no response from Greene King, and it was proposed that if nothing was heard by March they should be contacted again.


10        Village maintenance


a)         Work to ditch in Moor Lane


The Council approved a decision taken in December to request Blewbury Construction to carry out the work to the ditch as it was considered urgent and Rowan Napper had not responded.  Blewbury Construction’s quotation was £350, i.e. within the expenditure authorised by the Council in July 2007.  The Council decided some further hand finishing is necessary, especially near Enard Cottage.  Jeff Powell has helped clear the green debris.

The bank will be seeded and planted with daffodil bulbs in due course.


b)         Further work to Moor Lane


A working party will be asked to work in the footpath and undergrowth on 6th April (the same day as the litter collection).  The Clerk was asked to ascertain the availability of fly ash from the power station to improve the surface.


c)         The Council expressed concern about the litter problem in Brook Lane again.  John Thornhill offered to take some action before the village tidy up arranged for 6th April.


11        Possible improvements to Manor Close


In line with the overall feedback from residents of Manor Close, the Council decided to take no further action other than to thank residents who returned questionnaires and to advise them of the information gathered.


12        Representation on other bodies


The Council decided not to appoint specific representatives to the Didcot Forum and Western Villages Alliance.


13        Grass cutting contract


The Council decided to request Scion Estates to quote for the grass cutting again this year and not to seek competitive quotations.


14        Provision of skip for use of the public


            The Council decided to hire a skip for the week end of 8th / 9th March.  The location will be announced after discussion with the landowner and publicised in the newsletter and on the notice boards.


15        Neighbourhood Watch and communication with residents


            No discussion – deferred until the next meeting


16        Council meetings in 2008/09


            The Council decided on the following dates for ordinary Council meetings:

            8th May, 10th July, 11th September, 13th November, 8th January, 12th March

            The AGM will be on 8th May

            The Annual Parish Meeting in future will be on the Saturday after the FA Cup Final.  This year the meeting will be on 24th May.


17        Communication


            The Clerk had received a letter from Doreen Watling which will be circulated.


            The Clerk had received some information from the Land Registry about titles to the ownership of parts of Moor Lane, but payment is required before more information can be provided. 


14        Any other business




The meeting ended at 22.20 pm. 



Date of next meeting – 13th March 2008 at 7.30pm






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