Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting duly convened and held on Wednesday 4th September 2013 at The Hagbourne Hall, East Hagbourne


Present: Cllrs M. Butler (Chair), H. Lewis, V. Brownsword, M. Thornhill and E. Setch.

In attendance: L. Dalby (Clerk)


1.      Apologies for Absence

There were none.


2.      Declarations of personal and prejudicial interest

There were none.


3.      Public Participation

There was none.


4.      To confirm and sign as a true record the minutes of the last meeting of the Parish Council held on July 3rd 2013

The minutes were agreed and signed by the Chairman.


5.      District Councillor ‘s Report – Leo Docherty

There was none.


6.      County Councillor’s Report – Patrick Greene

There was none.


7.      Clerk’s Report

Following a report of problems with the grass cutting in Moor Lane the Clerk has ensured the work has now been carried out.

The Council was not consulted on a screening application for a solar farm within the Parish, a similar application was also put to the VWHDC planning department. The Clerk has confirmed that the Parish Council is not a statutory consultee for screening opinions. It was agreed that the Clerk should contact Upton and Harwell Parish Councils and ask to be updated if this application comes forward. 

York Road is to be closed for one day for Thames Water to repair the water main.


8.      Accounts for payment

The following accounts for payment were agreed.

Payee and Reason

£ detail


£ total

Lucy Dalby – Clerk’s salary and expenditure




Scion Estates – Grass Cutting




Hagbourne Village Hall – room hire





9.      Planning  

P13/S2240/LB - Conversion of outbuilding to habitable accommodation ancillary to the main dwelling, removal of conservatory and roof light, repair and maintenance of weatherboarding and underlying studwork, removal and replacement of flat roof covering, and alteration to part of flat roof to become pitched. Address: Wycherts Main Street West Hagbourne OX11 0ND

No Strong Views.



10.  Parish Plan

The results of the plan have been received.


11.  Salt bin and Spreader

It was agreed to purchase a salt bin for York Road.


12.  Notice Boards

The History Society Notice Board is leaking. The Clerk will find someone to repair the board.

The spare notice board has been removed from Enard Cottage, it is also in need of refurbishment before it can be used.


13.  Highways and Footpaths

It was agreed to organise a working party to carry out works to Church Path and Moor      Lane on November 16th.


Cllr Setch joined the meeting.


It has been proposed that Hagbourne Hill be improved to encourage some drivers emerging from the link road onto the A417 to turn left and go up Hagbourne Hill to     reach the Harwell & Rutherford sites, rather than all turning right and accessing the Harwell & Rutherford sites via Rowstock roundabout. If they all turn right then this will clog up Rowstock roundabout completely. 

It was hoped that as part of the works the route to Didcot via West Hagbourne can be made less attractive than using the link road.


14.  Correspondence

There was none.


15.  Items for inclusion on November’s Agenda

-          Working Party


16.  Future Meetings

The date of the next meeting of the Council was confirmed as November 6th 2013 to be held at Hagbourne Hall, East Hagbourne, commencing at 7.30pm.



There being no further business the meeting was declared closed at 8.45pm.