Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting duly convened and held on Wednesday 7th May 2014 at The Hagbourne Hall, East Hagbourne


Present: Cllrs M. Butler (Chair), H. Lewis, and V. Brownsword.

In attendance: L. Dalby (Clerk).


1.      Election of Chairman and Declaration of Acceptance of Office

Cllr M. Butler was elected as Chairman and signed the declaration of acceptance of office.


2.      Election of Vice-Chairman

Cllr H. Lewis was elected as Vice-Chairman.


3.      Apologies for Absence

Apologies for absence were received from Cllr E. Setch, Cllr M. Thornhill, County Cllr P. Greene and District Cllr L. Docherty.


4.      Declarations of personal and prejudicial interest

There were none.


5.      Public Participation

There was none.


6.      To confirm and sign as a true record the minutes of the last meeting of the Parish Council held on March 5th 2014 

The minutes of the last meeting were agreed and signed by the Chairman.


7.      District Councillor ‘s Report – Leo Docherty

Cllr Docherty’s report is held on file.


8.      County Councillor’s Report – Patrick Greene

There was none.


9.      Clerk’s Report

The Clerk reported that OCC Highways will take a look at the traffic mirror. There has been no response from OCC highways regarding the management of the drainage in the Parish.


10.  Appointment of Trustees and Representatives on other bodies

The following appointments were confirmed.

a)      The William Tyrrell Trust – ratification of trustee(s) – M. Butler, V. Brownsword and M. Judd.

b)      Hagbourne Village Hall – V. Brownsword

c)      East & West Hagbourne Cemetery Committee – V. Brownsword

d)      West Hagbourne Village Association - tbc

e)      Hagbourne Parochial Charities - tbc

f)       Oxfordshire Rural Community Council - Transport Representative - tbc

g)      Parish Plan steering – E. Setch

h)      Harwell-Chilton Campus Local Stakeholders Group - rota

i)        Didcot Community Forum – rota


11.  Finance

a)      The following Accounts for payment were agreed.

Payee and Reason

£ detail


£ total

Aon Uk Ltd - Insurance




ORCC  - Subscription




SCION Estates Ltd – Grass Cutting




L. Dalby – Clerk’s salary & expenses




Post Office Ltd - PAYE





b)      The Accounts 2013/14 were approved.

c)      Accounting Statements for 2013/14 were agreed.

d)      Annual Governance Statement was agreed.


12.  Planning



PC Rec



Proposed conversion of existing of existing barn to a single storey dwelling.

Grove Manor Farm Foxglove Lane West Hagbourne OX11 0NW




13.  Parish Plan

No report


14.  Highways and Footpaths Skip Hire

It was agreed to write to the owners of the tractors who use the village to drive with more care and attention.

It was agreed to write to the landowners of the blocked ditches in the village to confirm that maintenance will be carried out over the summer.

Any HGVs driving through the village will be reported to Trading Standards.


15.  Skip Hire

Six residents responded to the email asking if a skip should be hired this year. It was agreed to hire a skip.


16.  Annual Parish Meeting

It was agreed to include the following items on the agenda for the Annual Parish Meeting:

-          Skip Hire

-          Flooding

-          HGVs

-          SHMA

-          Transport Plan

-          Village Tidy Up


17.  Correspondence

A resident responded to the request for support for the Parish Councils response to the Community Governance Review. The Clerk will respond.


18.  Items for inclusion on July’s agenda

-          Village Tidy Up


19.  Future Meetings

The date of the next meeting of the Council was confirmed as July 2nd 2014 to be held at Hagbourne Hall, East Hagbourne, commencing at 7.30pm.