Text Box: WEST HAGBOURNE PARISH COUNCIL                                       ANNUAL MEETING


Meeting at Hagbourne Primary School 29th April 2004

East Hagbourne


Present: Phil Taylor (Chair), Cllrs Sue Totterdell, Marion Judd, Keith Little

Apologies: Bernard Mead and County and District Cllr Patrick Greene


Public: Dave Carter, Rob Allin, Tim Lightfoot, Margaret Hedger, Eleanor Bowey


1. Minutes of the Annual Meeting 15th May 2003

The minutes were passed as a true and correct record


2. Election of chair and Vice Chair

Bernard Mead, in writing, proposed Phil Taylor as Chair seconded by Marion Judd

Bernard Mead, in writing, proposed Marion Judd as Vice Chair seconded by Sue Totterdell


3. Parish Council Accounts for 2003/2004

Accounts presented to Council. The accounts were accepted as a correct and true representation of income and expenditure for the financial year 2003/2004


Final draft of Financial Regulations and Risk Assessment (circulated to members prior to meeting) were approved and accepted by Council.


4. Reports from Parish Council representatives

a) East and West Hagbourne Cemetery Committee

b) Hagbourne Charities

c) Hagbourne Village Hall

Governors report on Hagbourne School


Copy of reports attached


5. Parish Council Insurance for 2004/05

Insurance policy scrutinised by Bernard Mead and clerk

changes to Property Damage Items page 3


Item 2 Bus shelter (scheme A) now to read

Notice board secured to side wall of Bus Shelter


York Road Notice Board (Scheme A) - 563.70 now to read

York Road Notice Board (Scheme A) - 814.23


Item 4 - Memorial Village Bus Shelter (Scheme A) - 9,982.86 now to read

Bus Shelter (Scheme A) - 12,000.00


Item 6 Computer 1,500.00

Cover now cancelled


6. Subscriptions and donations

Annual subscriptions to OALC and ORCC agreed.

Donations decisions on this deferred to next meeting.


7. Future Meetings

Agreed to keep to second Thursday of alternate months.