WEST HAGBOURNE PARISH COUNCIL                                                         MINUTES





Meeting held in Hagbourne Primary School East Hagbourne



Present: Phil Taylor, Marion Judd, Sue Totterdell


The following members of the public were also present:


John Thornhill, Keith Little (part of the time only)


Cllr Patrick Greene sent his apologies




1          Election of Chair


Phil Taylor was elected Chairman of the Parish Council.  Proposed by Marion Judd, seconded by Sue Totterdell.  The Declaration of Acceptance of Office was signed by the Chairman in the presence of the Clerk.


2          Election of Vice-Chair


Marion Judd was proposed by Sue Totterdell, seconded by Phil Taylor and elected unanimously


3          Minutes of meeting on 11th May 2006


            The Council passed amended minutes as a true and correct record. 

NB       The minutes were originally passed as a true and correct record on 13th July 2006 but later found to be incomplete.


4          Matters arising


There were no matters arising.


5          Reports form other bodies


The following reports were presented to the Council:


a)         East and West Hagbourne Cemeteries Committee


b)         Hagbourne Parochial Charities


c)         Hagbourne School Governors


d)         Hagbourne Village Hall Committee


e)         Parish Plan Steering Group


f)          Western Villages Alliance


6          Representatives on other bodies


a)         East & West Hagbourne Cemetery Committee


            Sue Totterdell was reappointed.


b)         Hagbourne Parochial Charities


            Marion Judd was reappointed


c)         Hagbourne Village Hall Committee


            Keith Little was reappointed to represent the Parish Council



7          Annual Accounts and authorisation of cheques drawn


            The Annual accounts were presented to the Council.  The Council approved these as a true record of the Council’s receipts and payments and financial position.


            The Council approved all cheques drawn during 2006/07 (as attached schedule).


8          Renewal of subscriptions


The Council decided to renew the subscriptions to the Oxfordshire Association of Local Councils, the Oxfordshire Rural Community Council and the Society of Local Council Clerks.


9          Donations


            The Council decided to make donations of £25.00 each to Didcot Community Hospital, Didcot Volunteers Centre, Didcot Citizens Advice Bureau and the Royal British Legion.


10        Insurance arrangements


The Council decided to:


a)         renew the policy with Allianz Cornhill in accordance with the renewal notice


b)         Consider the inclusion of the Doctors’ memorial seat together with the older notice board, but to nothing until this has been re-erected.


11        Banking arrangements


The Council decided to:


a)         reappoint Barclays bank as the Council’s bankers, but to monitor and review if more appropriate arrangements become available elsewhere.


b)         include all members of the Council and the Clerk on the mandate, with any two able to sign cheques.  The Clerk cannot sign cheques.


12        Other business


There was no other business.






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