East & West Hagbourne Village Fund


The annual Hagbourne Fun Run raises money for cancer research and for the East and West

Hagbourne Village Fund. This is a modest pot of money available to support local good

causes. It was set up in March 1995 with the objective to provide a contingency fund of

money for the villagers of East and West Hagbourne. This can be funds to assist villagers

quickly in times of need, or to provide an item / facility to benefit the villages. Applications

have to be made in writing: they are considered on their merits by the Village Fund

Committee (basically the Fun Run Committee members) who decide whether funds should be

awarded and how much.

In the past we have supported such diverse causes as the defibrillators, the village hall

extension, an educational course, posters for a local campaign, and family support for

medical treatment. It is funded entirely by the Fun Run (and donations made on the day).


The current VF chairman is Trevor Chambers: you can contact him on 01235 814892.

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