The 2014 floods

After a very dry Autumn, late December 2013 and early January 2014 will be remembered for the strong winds and frequent exceptionally heavy rain that swept across the country. Apart from one or two exceptions the village escaped lightly from flooding unlike towns and villages in many parts of the country. Parts of Main Street were closed however and eventually were virtually impassable for all but the largest of vehicles.

The situation in Main Street was exacerbated by a burst water main near the Horse and Harrow with the extra water running down towards the York Road junction which already had its usual flooding problem caused by the high water level in the pond making drainage impossible. Near the bus shelter the problem was the usual one of poor drainage into Moor Ditch.

Brook Lane too had its problems, presumably because the outlet of the drainage ditch into Hakkas Brook couldn't cope with the excessive volume of water flowing down off the fields. York Road was passable for traffic but in places Wellingtons were advisable for people on foot!

These pictures will be reminder of the January floods. Click on any image to enlarge it.

The pictures were provided by Sue Totterdell, Janice Wright and Marion Judd.