Village affairs

Although (and perhaps, because) West Hagbourne is only about two miles south of the expanding town of Didcot, we have a strong sense of community. The village is a pleasant and friendly place to live; local farmers take an keen interest in conserving the countryside; we have an active parish council; several village organisations and a useful parish newsletter produced bi-monthly by the parish council. Now the village is hoping to secure a piece of land to build a village meeting hall.

The need for a parish plan was identified by the village in around 2003 and in 2006, after about three years of discussions with villagers to identify what they value about their village and what changes they would like to see, a comprehensive five-year parish plan was produced which it is hoped will inspire everyone in the village to become involved and ensure that the community continues to thrive.

The future of West Hagbourne is inexorably tied to the future of Didcot. The town is developing fast - the new Orchard shopping centre, Cineworld cinema and Cornerstone Arts Centre are all open for business, and more shops are expected. And of course more houses! There are current proposals for several thousand new homes to be built in an expanded Didcot.

Traffic is thought by some people to be a problem too. Certainly through traffic to and from Didcot has been increasing and when the proposed new housing in Didcot goes ahead the increase is likely to be greater. The parish council has been pushing for a bypass for the village for some time and there are still hopes that a relief road will eventually be built.

Further information about the expansion of Didcot and its effect on local roads and traffic is given here

So the future of the village in the context of an expanding Didcot may not be certain but residents are proud and protective of their beautiful, historic village. Even if Didcot's houses come closer, West Hagbourne as a village will continue and will still be the pleasant and friendly place it has always been! The biggest challenge for the village though will be to maintain its rural environment in the face of an ever expanding town which is already less than two miles away.