Village organisations

West Hagbourne Village Association

The Association is the main organiser of village social events which help to foster a sense of community and an understanding and respect for each other's needs and points of view.

West Hagbourne Village History Group

West Hagbourne has a thriving and active History Group whose biggest achievement to date is the publication of the history of the village in a hard-back publication
Windsor Hakeborne: the Story of West Hagbourne.

Hagbourne Garden Club

Hagbourne Garden Club meets most months. Events include talks, slide shows, demonstrations, plant sales, garden visits and occasional seed distributions.

William Tyrrell Charity

The William Tyrrell Charity (also known as the Tyrrell Trust) is a charity which helps people in West Hagbourne who are in need. The income from the charity comes from renting a small piece of land left to the poor of West Hagbourne by William Tyrrell, a local land-owner, in 1662.

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