West Hagbourne Village Association

Membership of the Association

Everyone living within the parish of West Hagbourne is a member of the Association
automatically and there are no membership subscriptions. The Association's Committee also has the power to grant membership to anyone else who lives outside the parish at its discretion.

Brief history of the Association

In the summer of 1996 the Village History Group organised a very successful Village Open Day with the aim of raising money towards the
cost of publishing Windsor Hakeborne: The Story of West Hagbourne. The event was highly successful and a committee was formed the following year with representatives from various village organisations to plan another similar open day in 1998, this time with the aim of putting any money raised into a fund available to be spent to the general benefit of the parish and its residents. This open day was also very successful and some £1,400 was raised for the benefit of the village.

During the Spring of 1998 the open day planning committee decided that it should be formally constituted as a Village Association to which everyone living in the village would automatically be a member and a draft constitution for the Association was circulated with West Hagbourne Newsletter during the summer. An inaugural general meeting of the Village Association was held on 6 October 1998 and the first Executive Committee was elected.

In 2007 the Association celebrated its 10th anniversary with an enjoyable lunch which was held in the garden at Broomsticks.

Purpose of the Association

The purpose of the Association is to arrange and hold social, fund raising and other village events, any proceeds arising from which shall be used to the benefit of the Parish of West Hagbourne and its residents or other such cause(s) as decided from time to time by the Executive Committee.


The Association is now the main organiser of village social events, having organised further village open days, summer garden lunches, winter supper evenings, bowling evenings and of course the annual St Georges Day dragons all of which help to foster a sense of community.