Reporting potholes and heavy lorries


Please report potholes direct to Oxfordshire Highways. The easiest and best way is to do this online. Click here to go to the Highways 'Report it' website.

The Oxfordshire Highways website also has a list of other problems with the roads and pavements and other highway problems that can be reported by this online method.

Other ways to contact Oxfordshire Highways:

Write to:
Highway Enquiries Team
Oxfordshire County Council
PO Box 842

or email the Highways Department

PLEASE NOTE it is most important that potholes, etc. are reported to Oxfordshire Highways as soon as they are noticed as in the event of damage the County Council are likely to deny responsibility and pay no compensation on the grounds that they were not aware that the pothole was there! Also the more reports Highways receive about a pothole the faster it is likely to be dealt with.



There is a weight restriction of 7.5 tonnes through the entire village which means lorries exceeding this are prohibited from the village unless they are making a legitimate call in the village. These lorries can easily be identified as any vehicle marked with chevrons on the rear is over 7.5T, and it makes no difference if it is empty as the weight restriction applies to the weight the vehicle could carry.

Suspected breaches of highway weight restrictions should be reported to Oxfordshire County Council's Trading Standards Department, not the Police. The Trading Standards Department works with Neighbourhood Watch groups to protect roads and bridges in the county and safeguard local communities.

The important information Trading Standards require before they can act is the date and time, location, registration number and any distinguishing marks on the vehicle. This can be reported using Trading Standards' downloadable form and, when this is completed, it should be sent direct to them. They are happy to receive forms in ones or twos so they can then act on them whilst the offence is still fresh in everyone’s minds, so there is no need to wait until you have several filled in.

If you have a camera to hand a photograph recording the above information can also be useful as this can be emailed to Trading Standards with information about when & where it was taken and why you are sending it.

Click here to access the online Trading Standards report form.

Click here for a simplified guide to lorry weights and profiles to assist in identifying heavy lorries.

Contact Trading Standards by email, phone or post